Drugs Money and codeine


Just want to know how you feel about me , and what you think of me. I’m too scares to ever ask though

I hate feeling like I’m annoying you

To be honest being with a 21 year old scares me but at the same time i really like him and i know were taking it slow but that doesnt change anything towards how i feel, i just know hes perfect for me. 21 year old though never thought id be with someone that much older than me but the thing is i like it so much, and he so sexy its just great 

Kisses from joshyy

I miss Kevin :( actually I really miss him a lot :(

Now here’s a problem I have a thing with someone but I like someone else but I just don’t know whether to break it off with one , & go for the other I actually like boy #2 a lot more so ahh fackk

Just feel attack omg

It’s really hard to be friends with someone you dated especially when you still have feelings for them