Drugs Money and codeine


I still think about you a lot, but when I talk to you my whole world changes and I become a happier person

I want to talk to you and explain how that I still have feelings for you and how I know we broke up and I dated someone after we broke up too but I guess I lied to myself because, I was trying to get over you but I thought I was when met my ex now & the truth is I was over you but when I see you and look at you and we talked and went on a walk and stuff . I do still like you I mean I can’t even get you off my mind what so ever, but your a chill fucking guy and your actually so fucking sexyyyy , but you can be kinda a douche but I learned from dating my ex that I can talk and work things out with you now. But I realized that you probably don’t feel the same as I do and I feel so stupid for still wanting you but I can feel it in my heart that I still want to be with you even though you were a dick to me… I know I sound like a insane person but that’s how I feel. and I’m sorry if I sound crazy but I really want to tell you how I feel but I can’t because I bet you feel the same

I honestly don’t undertsnad why I’m not over you its been months & I still have feelings for you , seeing you last night literally changed so much it was so weird I just miss you so much & I want to see you and just explain everything that happened between us .

Im actually just done with you